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"So what is big is not always the Trout nor the Deer but the chance, the being there. And what is full is not necessarily the creel nor the freezer, but the memory."

                                                                        Aldo Leopold

Professional Gun Dogs is a full service training facility located in West Central Kansas. We offer complete training from "head start" puppy work to totally finished dogs. In addition we maintain a diverse selection of puppies, started, and finished dogs for sale at all time.

Our training is guaranteed! You don't pay for the last month of training until you have seen your dog work in the field and are satisfied with the results. Owner education is paramount and we take extra time to ensure that you understand how to maintain your dogs training.

We train and sell dogs across the nation. We routinely ship dogs via the Continental "Pet Safe" program as well as with United Cargo and American Airlines. Pick up and delivery is available at Wichita's Mid Continent Airport or Kansas City International Airport. Transportation to or from the Wichita airport is $150, transportation to or from the Kansas City airport is $200.


Gun dog training at Professional Gun Dogs is $500 per month. This fee includes training, boarding, and all birds. All dogs are worked five days a week. Saturdays are spent meeting with clients who are picking up or dropping off dogs. No business is conducted on Sundays; we reserve this time to spend with God and family. Daily training will include yard work and/or field work depending on the dog’s stage of training. All beginning bird work is done with homing pigeons and remote controlled bird launchers. Finish work is done with quail. We have a flight pen at the kennel that is capable of holding up to 400 birds to ensure that we have ample birds for training, regardless of the time of year. We are licensed by the State of Kansas to kill game birds for dog training year round.


As an additional service, we have a consulting vet that comes to the kennel twice each month. Nels Lindberg, DVM and I inspect all dogs on site to ensure that they are in good health. All owners are required to provide proof that their dogs are up to date on all vaccinations including kennel cough. Dogs coming in for training from out of state are required to present a current "Health Certificate" from their vet. If the dog should require vet care, the owner will be informed of the need prior to any action being taken.


We have excellent modern facilities. Every dog has its own enclosed run and dog house. All dog runs are covered and are on sloped concrete. Dogs are fed and watered twice each day and the runs are cleaned at least twice daily with high pressure water. We receive many positive comments about our facility and are committed to the best possible care of your dog.  

Our dogs stay in what we consider to be the best dog house made today, the "Dog Den 2" manufactured by K-9 Kondo.   This dog house is fully insulated and is totally chew proof for your dogs safety. We place a 3/4" thick mat in the bottom of the house to provide a cushioned surface for your dog to rest on after a hard work out.


Our “Head Start” program is tailored for pups from 16-24 weeks of age. This is a critical imprinting stage in the dog’s mental development. At this stage it is vitally important that the dog be introduced to birds in a positive and exciting way.


Formal training starts with most dogs between 9-12 months of age. The average time in training is 2-3 months, however this can vary depending on the dog’s natural ability and the owners desired level of training. At the end of training you should have a gun dog that you can take to the field and be proud of.


If you have any questions about our training program, please feel free to give me a call. We always enjoy visiting about dogs.


Come visit us at our outpost location in Hutchinson Kansas. We are at the Heartland Outdoor Store on the first Saturday of every month. The folks at Heartland have been kind enough to allow us to use their location to meet our clients from across the state. While you are there, please visit the store. They have a wide selection of sporting goods and an excellent staff.

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